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I love working at Zendesk

I've been working for Zendesk since late 2015 and I love it. The work is challenging and creative, people are respectful and all-round amazing.

When I was providing IT consulting services, this website was an effective tool to show potential clients what they were signing up for. I haven't updated it since joining Zendesk: I actually enjoy revisiting the snapshot in time it represents.

I don't come here very often...

At a glance

  • Domains Web applications and services Mobile and responsive Web design Language processing Document processing Data repositories Data harvesting
  • For National Libraries Universities Electronic publishing Non-profit organisations Commercial enterprise Teaching Training
  • Where Canberra Phnom Penh, Cambodia Mae Sot, Thailand Melbourne
  • Roles Software developer System administrator Manager, IT business systems Technical lead Technical advisor Project reviewer Review coordinator Support manager

What I've done

Javascript-enabled visitors see a nice timeline visualisation of my work history here. Without Javascript, the best I can do is a copy of my curriculum vitae: online or as a PDF. Both components share a common data source, so you won't miss out any details.

What others say about me

  • I worked with Steven during his role has a review co-ordinator for ÆKOS in TERN, I was very impressed with his attention to detail and his ability to deal with people from diverse skill sets and views. He worked on a strict deadline without compromising on the quality. It was wonderful working with Steven.

    Siddeswara Guru, Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN), University of Queensland
  • I've worked with Steven through his software development for ANU E Press. He is always ready to answer questions about process, design, and implementation, and he never fails to respond quickly and with detailed explanations. As a consultant, he is responsive and communicative, reliable and produces great results -- an obvious indicator of someone who knows their stuff!

  • Steven is a highly knowledgeable and gifted thinker and developer in the area of software, networks, and matters digital. He is highly organised, professional and responsive, with a seemingly innate desire to create, fix, and help, all of which he does with a disarming sense of humour. He takes on jobs for the right reasons and completes them efficiently. I have employed Steven on a number of projects for Monash University Publishing and would not hesitate to work with him again.

  • the acme of geek chic